Saturday, February 5, 2011

GODCHILD Gets 5 Stars from Harriet Klausner (Yesterday and Today!)

"Yo, that's a way better freakin' cover!!!!"

The funny thing about newly re-released novels on Kindle and E-Book is that you can dust off some pretty tasty reviews that went largely unnoticed when the big ass publisher decided to remainder the book for one corporate reason or another...So here is a stellar review on my new release GODCHILD from the very famous Harriet Klausner!!! And it's a dandy!

5.0 out of 5 stars
A superb crime thriller

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A beat-up Buick with tinted windows slams into the side of a Ford Bronco, killing the passenger. The hit and run driver, a bald man with a long earring and a mustache, leaves behind a shattered person because Jack "Keeper" Marconi cannot adjust to life without his beloved wife Fran. He resigns as a prison warden to become a sleuth.

Years later, Jack is remarrying. However, just prior to the ceremony, he stops at the cemetery to visit Fran. He sees the same car that caused his spouse's death, but the driver takes off before Jack can confront him or even obtain the plates.

He stands up his fiancee to get drunk at his favorite watering hole, but ends up shooting up the place. Jack's best friend andd attorney Tony not only keeps him out of jail, but also sends him on an assignment. He is to spring Renata Barnes, wife of a producer. She was arrested for smuggling drugs, but authorities believe her husband has something to do with her present troubles. Jack sees a picture of the bald man at the funeral of Renata's child and realizes that several seemingly different events are interconnected, but cannot see why or even how.

The Mexican justice system is examined under chilling detail in GODCHILD, a thriller that persuades readers to complete it in one sitting. Jack may have suffered a traumatic loss, but continues to fight back as his grieving and ordeal strengthen his resolve, backbone he will need on his current assignment. Vincent Zandori is a terrific novelist who has written a superb crime thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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