Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYTimes Finally Drops the Bomb or Paterson and his Big Johnson!

Paterson to Johnson, "Didn't your mother ever tell you 'No means no?'"

The New York Times as been threatening to drop a bomb on troubled New York Governor David Paterson and yesterday they finally did it. The report details a "woman" who, last fall, was reputedly beaten by a Paterson aide, David W. Johnson. Johnson, a 37 year old former drug abuser who has also been in trouble with the law, has risen rapidly in the Paterson administration from driver to senior aide. According to the account and the "woman's" testimony, the 6'-7" Johnson, her former boyfriend, violently assaulted her by throwing her against a wall, smashing her face against a mirror, and even tearing her clothes off. When she later tried to report the incident to authorities, the State Police asked her to drop the case. But as the "woman" continued to persist in Family Court, the State Police began to pressure her further into dropping her allegations. Refusing to release her real identity for fear of reprisals from what appears to be a more and more corrupt Paterson administration, the "woman" is nonetheless continuing with her fight. Paterson has requested the State Attorney General look into the matter. For the real story click here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Joe the Moron!

Ok, I've had it with hearing about Joe the Plumber, about as much as I've had it with hearing about that trailer trash woman who birthed 8 or 9 kids, landed a TV show, and now that her husband has split, has yet another TV show. Seriously, I can't remember her name. But no doubt she is a role model. Seriously, Joe, how long did it take you to figure out that McCain was using you?

At New York's Ritzy Standard, Nakedness Comes Standard!

Hospitality design doesn’t always allow for creativity. You have a lobby, a restaurant/bar, and of course, lots of rooms, enclosed behind walls that often create narrow, claustrophobic corridors. But Manhattan’s Standard Hotel now defies traditional hotel mores by replaces walls with transparent glass. Privacy is “optional” since anything that goes on in any given room can be viewed from the outside. The clear “water white,” floor-to-ceiling glass walls are making quite a splash amongst hotel designers and gossip columnists all around the globe. Here’s how.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

California is Falling into the Sea!

The earthquake struck approximately 35 miles off the northern California coast.
Credit: USGS

A 6.5 Richter magnitude "rolling earthquake" has struck Northern Cali and its affects have not gone unnoticed. The 20-25 second long tremors have some people wondering if Armageddon is in fact here. Get the story here: