Friday, December 24, 2010

X-Mas Day is D-Day (Digital Download Day)!

" 'Should old acquaintance be forgot?'"

It's Christmas Eve 2010.

D-Day for the digital E-Book Revolution. On this day and in particular, tomorrow, Christmas Day, more Kindle, Nooks, E-Readers and more will be unwrapped and put to use than on any other single previous day. Not only will there be a rush to purchase E-Books, but more will be sold tomorrow than ever before.

The good news for authors: there is an infinite supply of your books on the virtual shelf. Even if thousands of them get uploaded tonight and tomorrow and during the week, your book will always be available to the reader. And even if it doesn't sell all that well, it won't be pulled off the shelf to make room for the new Patterson or Brown. It will always be there, right beside the new Patterson and Brown. Not only do authors make more money on the e-book sales, but so do the publishers. Not only are independent publishers pushing sales on Xmas, so are the majors like my former NYC boss, Random House. Check out this article in PC Speed:

The bad news for bookstores: once a reader owns a Kindle or whatever device he or she prefers, it's probable if not likely they will shy away from new paper purchases, at least for a while. This is due both the novelty of the device and the more the than relative “one click” ease it offers for purchasing e-books. In fact, according to this blog by Dr. Syntax, many readers will now simply forgo purchasing books not available for E-Readers.

So how do I feel about D-Day?!
I'm published in both paper and E-Reader, most notably, The Kindle!
But I feel badly for bookstores because I don't want to see them suffer or go out of business. My gut tells me that even though D-Day will bring about huge E-Book sales, I think the dust will eventually settle and paper will pick up again. However, and this is the catch: never again will paper sales match digital sales anymore than CDs or vinyl record sales will match digital music downloads. It's the reality of the times.

But it's also a very exciting thing to see someone get up on X-Mas morning, frantic to unwrap the new Kindle and then, that to witness that first moment when the first book is downloaded.

Maybe the first book will be The Remains, or The Innocent, or Moonlight Falls.
But my guess, is that first book will be a classic. Maybe A Christmas Carrol or perhaps A Farewell To Arms. But no matter what books you download tomorrow, remember, it's a good thing that people are excited about books and reading again.

We will always remember D-Day (Digital Download Day), Christmas December 25, 2010, as the day that changed everything.

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  1. I bet you are going to be on your amazon page like every 5 minutes on Christmas day checking your stats.

    Confession if I had an Amazon page right now I would be too. Merry Christmas V.