Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Resolutions for an Old Dog!

"Oh, there's my soul mate now!"

Ok, it's time for the Vincent Zandri totally unoriginal New Years Resolution blog. I actually just wrote like 1,000 words and my Firefox crashed and I lost the whole freaking blog. So here it all is again, in a nutshell, and yah, I'm entirely pissed off right now:

-I have two new books coming out this year that are traditionally contracted with StoneGate Ink: Godchild and The Concrete Pearl. I'd like to add at least two more books to this starting with plans for Aaron Patterson and I to combine our bestsellers, The Remains and Sweet Dreams in a E-Book only special edition. The Innocent and Godchild will also be combined in a special "Jack Marconi" series edition.

-I will write three to five more digital shorts.

-I will write more than market.

-As for marketing, it will not always be "all about me," but I want to include far more guest blogs, book reviews, and advice on writing/marketing.

-I will nail one more journalism gig or gigs, preferably something like I have with RT where I'm expected to travel to some remote destination, the more uncomfortable and dangerous the better.

-I will improve my photography skills, and acquire some decent equipment.

-I will get to bed earlier and wake up earlier.

-I will up my workout regimen.

-I will spend more time with my kids, especially my 6 year old daughter.

-I will shave my .... Ok, just seeing if you're awake!

-I will keep my eye out for my soul mate...I know she's out there. In fact, I may have already met her.

Ok, so that's my totally unoriginal blog about New Year's Resolutions. I just want to thank you for buying my books and all resolutions aside, so long as you continue to spend your hard-earned money on my stuff, I will always write only the best books that I am capable of.

That's a promise!

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  1. Ok I'm pissed now...cause if that was originally 1,000 words and that is in a nutshell I would have preferred the original.

    I'd like to add another resolution to your list...remember we talked about it? Nair or Laser surgery.