Friday, December 3, 2010

Crash Landing in New York!


I barely made it out of Europe the weather was so horrid. Torrential rains in Florence, snowstorms in Germany. Rain and wind in Philly, and in Albany, ex-wives and now, an ex-girlfriend. Gas is 50 cents more than when I left a month ago. The indy bookstore at which I'm supposed to sign first editions of The Remains tomorrow has decided to also book an ex-local news anchor who self-published a book about doing, well, the local news. I just went to the store and its full of posters for the ex-TV anchor. Warning: Be careful being too vocal about becoming an ebook bestseller. Stay out of the press even when they beg you for interviews. Don't promote yourself. Be a nobody. Don't get reviewed. Don't sell. And by all means, avoid attributing much of your your success to the emergence of the new publishing model.

Why exactly did I leave Italy again?

On a better note:
Well, tomorrow is my first signing for my 6 month old bestselling thriller, The Remains. It marks the anniversary of one years since the publication of Moonlight Falls and what has amounted to a total career resurrection. Or, a career that is gaining altitude rapidly if I might utilize an apropos metaphor here. So, without boring you with the details, in a single year, StoneHouse Ink, StoneGate Ink and RJ Buckley have published three full-length novels (one of which is The Innocent, the republication of As Catch Can), plus three digital short, Moonlight Mafia, Pathological, and True Stories. Add to this countless blogs, too many articles and trade journal shorts to mention here, plus Blitzkrieg-totally-shameless-beyond-shameless self promotion via social networking and virtual tours, and you get a sense of how busy the life is these days.

In terms of accomplishments I've made six (6) different Amazon bestseller lists: Hard-Boiled, Romantic Suspense, True Crime, Drama, Theater, and Anthologies. Of these I made the number one (1) spot for Hot New Bestselling Hard-Boiled Releases and the Number Eight (8) spot in Romantic Suspense. And that's just what I've kept tabs on.

On top of all this, I've signed two new contracts for two more books including the re-pub of Godchild, and by the looks of it there will be a two more Moonlights. Add in a scorching travel schedule, plus more kids than a small Latin nation and how can anyone expect me to maintain a relationship with anyone or anything other than my Blackberry, my Amazon numbers, and our old friend, Rosie!!!

So, lots coming in the new year and I thank God everyday that I have my health and can maintain the pace. I also thank my publisher, Aaron Patterson, for pulling me up from out of the depths of darkness and obscurity. And hey, I can put food on the table again, right?

While I'll continue my marketing efforts, I will branch out to include more guest blog posts for The Vincent Zandri Vox from other authors, and comment more on other noir novelist's books. Stuff I like and love. Oh, and I WILL DEFINITELY be at ITW this year in New York. In fact, Aaron and I will be there making a major StoneHouse/StoneGate Ink presence. We hope to see some of you fellow authors there and readers. We'd also love to talk with aspiring authors so don't be shy!

Ok, just got up from a nap. Gotta get a haircut and a shave and may after that, get some writing in. Who knows!!!


  1. I'll tell you what my philosophy in life is...when you are bombarded with adversity you are going in the right direction. If they very elements are conspiring against you then you definitely need to be in the states. Life is just going to get bigger, better and problably more complicated now.

    Besides your supposed to cook that meal you promised your son. You know the one he was so excited about.*wink*

    I wouldn't say you shamlessly self promoted. I'd use agressive for sure but not shameless.

    Yippee can't wait for more Moonlight and I've been just about to burst waiting to hear about this female protagnist new series your working on.

    What kind of guest bloggers do you have in mind? You should have each of 2011 prediction authors you posted do a post. Hey waited a minute why aren't there any women on that list? WTHeck

    While we are on the subject of women...who is Rosie?


  2. Anyone want to answer Bri's question about the ID of Rosie???

    You Ms. Bri, will be on that list once your new novel comes out!!!!

    And you are always invited to guest post!!!

  3. Mrs. Bri...(I love how you always forget I'm married) still doesn't quite get what Rosie is but I have a better idea.

    Haven't I warned you V don't ever ever provide an open invitation to a southern belle! She will take you up on it. ;)

  4. There's no such thing as "shameless" self-promotion. Even Curt Schilling doesn't go that far. And as the saying goes, "There's no such thing as bad publicity." Writers have to do what they can to promote their writing.