Sunday, November 7, 2010

La Dolce Vita by Zandri

"Do you happen to Twitter, Bella?"

A little boy in short pants jumping in a puddle of freshly collected rain ...a bearded man with a blood-stained white apron wraped around his paunch standing outside a butcher shop smoking a cigarette, a boar's head hanging by a string inside the window...a stunning middle-aged woman wearing a short black skirt, knee length leather boots, tight jacket and slim eye-glasses, converses on a phone while walking hurredly past...a young woman is black skirt, knee length boots, tight jacket and thick, long, black hair holds her boyfriend's hand while they peer at the muddy Arno, which runs over the banks this time of year...a squad of uniformed Carabinari drilling with automatic rifles, trumpets and drums while the tourists and smoking cafe patrons look curiously on....

These are just some of the sights and sounds I'm experiencing during my month long stay in Italy while I try and write the first draft the Moonlight Rises and while I complete The Dead Souls. It's also busy time because apart from seeing friends, I'm trying to tour the original trade paperback of my thriller, The Remains. We have something like 20 review commitments and everyday brings a new challenge spreading the word. Same goes for The Innocent, the now best selling re-release of As Catch Can. Both books have been big sellers out of the gate but I'm looking forward to these novels doing even better and reaching a bigger and bigger audience. Especially as the EBook and Kindle audience explodes over the Christmas Holiday. You fans should be able to collect my entire catalogue, including digital shorts for less than the price of a single Stephen King hardcover. Imagine that.

There's a woman yelling through the wall behind my bed. Someone is playing the flute. I hear a little boy singing and he's banging a drum. Tomorrow I will walk the streets of Florence in boots, jeans, and a leather jacket with the collar turned up. Some tourists will stop me and ask for directions. I will tell them that I am from New York. They will look puzzled. For a brief moment, we will be acting in the same Fellini film.

I will walk away.


  1. Oh you paint a very exquisite picture of Florence. How I would love to come there just to write. Oh how I would just love a deadline for once. I say just once because I know that after it happens once I will never use the words and deadline in the same sentence again.

    I delight in your success and your experiences you share. Alas I will go to my writing hole and will create, edit and marinate there instead.

  2. Isn't Italy a miraculous place? I've been lucky enough to visit there more than once... I don't think I can conceive of a place as consistently beautiful.