Monday, November 22, 2010

The 20 Noir Essentials!!!

"Hey who is that bad ass? That dude wrote The Bastard Hand. That's Mr. Bad Ass to you!"

I know, I'm way behind on my blogs...but, I'm in Italy and working feverishly to get the next two Moonlights done...In the meantime we'll be bringing you the new bestselling Moonlight short, Moonlight Mafia and the paperback edition of The Remains...And don't forget The Innocent. The followup to The Innocent will hopefully be here in January: Godchild.

In keeping with the blog however, here' s my list of essential top 20 noir novels as presented by noir critic and novelist Heath Lowrance in his very cool blog, Psycho-Noir.

Cheers and Il Dolce Vita

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  1. Oh, they're doing Godchild, too?? Awesome, love that one.