Thursday, October 21, 2010

Famous Authors? I Got You Beat Man!!!

I'm sitting in an airport in St. Paul, awaiting a flight that will take me to the Boise Book Expo. Directly ahead of me is a bookstore called "Authors" which I've never heard from. The store sports a classy facade. Mahogany pillars, and all these over-sized, fake ceramic piled on top of one another. I don't get it. Well, ok, I get it, but it's a little much.

Anyway, the shelves are full of books by "Famous Authors."

I've been here for more than an hour, and not a single traveler has even browsed the "famous author" section. On occasion, a woman or man has entered and purchased a magazine, but never a book. maybe people don't by books by famous authors between the hours of 8 and 10 in St. Paul. But I doubt that's the case.

Now, just a few minutes ago, I worked the social network a little. Befriended a couple of readers on Goodreads, asked politely and respectfully to simply "checkout" my new bestsellers. One of them came back to me and wrote, "Looks like the kind of books for me." He immediately downloaded a copy of my new one, The Innocent. He said if he liked it as much as he thinks he will, he'll download my other bestseller, The Remains.

I'm still staring at Authors, still peering at all those famous authors just crapping the bed...I just sold a book. And if dude likes it, he'll buy more. And more importantly, he'll tell his friends to buy more and they'll tell their friends. And no one, has to go to a silly looking bookstore in an airport to do it. They just push a button on their Kindle.

On to Boise.....

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  1. You're echoing my feelings exactly, Vincent. Famous authors can be so bloody boring sometimes, especially those who've broken all the rules and still managed to get an agent and publisher. Glad you sold the book and - keep at it!