Friday, October 29, 2010

Authors No Longer Compete With Themselves!!!

Used to be when I first published at Delacorte, one of the last things an agent or editor wanted was for an author to publish two books at the same time. They called this splitting sales. In other words, by publishing two books at the same time, an author ran the risk of competing with him or herself.

Now, with the new indie publishing model, it seems that authors don't compete with themselves by publishing more than one book at the same time, they simply get more sales and more space on the infinite virtual bookshelf. And in some cases sales can be multiplied not by two, but by exponential numbers.

Recently, StoneGate Ink re-released my novel As Catch Can, under the new title The Innocent.
I was a bit nervous because my new thriller, The Remains had been doing so well, having hit the number 1 spot in Amazon Hard-Boiled Hot New Releases and also becoming a bestseller in romantic suspense. I wasn't sure how good an idea it would be to bring out a new book when the paper edition of The Remains hadn't even been released yet.

But just last week I met up with my publisher in Boise, Idaho for a book conference and as he was driving me from the airport to a local radio station for an interview, he revealed that both books are neck and neck in bestselling sales.

I was floored. How can that be? Shouldn't books be competing with one another for those sales? Apparently today's readers, especially those who enjoy reading off their Kindles, Nooks, IPads, and other EReaders, can't get enough of an author they enjoy. And that suits me just fine, because I'm gaining new readers everyday. And when the Kindle price comes down in November, I'll potentially double my readership over the following few months. And that doesn't include the readers who will pick up the paper editions of my new books.

My publisher just informed me that he is upping the pub date for the re-release of my novel, Godchild. He's also planning on packaging it along with The Innocent in a box "Keeper Marconi" set. And immediately following that, my new novel which is also the first in a new series starring the beautiful but brassy construction business owner/amateur detective Spike Harrison (she carries a framing hammer instead of a gun), The Concrete Pearl, will be released.

We expect sales to go through the roof, not split it. And we owe it all to you, the voracious reader.

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    I just love this post!! I especially love the photo. Always apporiate you are with the photo part. I'm really excited to see what the Concrete Pearl is going to be like...