Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Really Can Judge a Book by its Cover!!!

Now, with the proliferation of EBooks, Kindles, EReaders, IPads, Blackberries, mini-computers, smart-phones, and just about anything else that can produce both stunning high-def graphics and even a 400 page novel to go with it, book covers have never been so important.

According to some bestselling do-it-yourselfers like JA Konrath, one of the main criteria for assuring the EBook edition of your novel a decent sell-through (which is sort of a misnomer since EBooks will perpetually "sell through" long after the author is consumed by the worms), is a striking cover.

I've been lucky in that my more recent publisher, StoneHouse Ink and their new imprint StoneGate Ink, are able to create these dynamic covers that arrest the potential reader hopefully as much as the words will.

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  1. Yeah, Vincent, I agree. I also think that more attention needs to be paid these days to a cover that will look good in black and white and in low resolution because there are many, many black and white Kindle readers and so many smart phones with small screens capable of presenting ebook content. You want to make sure the book's title and the author's name are equally readable on small screens as they are on the bookshelf at B&N.

    In addition to writing fiction, I've been a graphic designer for close to twelve years, specializing in both print and web so I've learned a few things about how to present material on a variety of platforms.

    Have a look at my book covers over at Smashwords ( and see if you agree that they are consistently presented in high-contrast across various mediums.

    One of the advantages of having the graphic design background is that I can do many of these collateral materials myself which can reduce my marketing costs and, hopefully, present high quality covers to my readers. The bottom line? No one wants to read even an extremely well-written novel if the cover is ug-ug-ugly!

    Cheers all!
    Jason McIntyre

  2. I agree as well. It is so true that we do judge a book by it's cover. It's like denying the attractions that we as human's experience. Hello that's just bad business not to manipulate that. And Stone.. has got it done to a finesse.