Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twins: A Powerful Bond!!!

Are you a twin?

Do you have a sister or brother who shared the same womb as you? Are you an identical twin? Physically the same in every way as one another? Do you share the same thought process, the same likes and dislikes? The same taste in food, music, writing, art, movies, ... partners?

I tried to explore this very same biological phenomenon in my new, now bestselling thriller, The Remains. I've known several sets of identical twins over the years, and have always been amazed at how similar they are in every way, even down to the way they dress.

One of my best friends, Kevin Ryan, originally of Staton Island, New York, has an identical twin, Kenny. Kevin tells me that they were so alike as kids, right down to the type and style of leather jacket they wore to high school, they would often sit in for one another during certain classes. Now that's a twin for you! That's a powerful bond!

In my new thriller, my protagonist Rebecca might not be not be sitting in on a math class so that her twin sister Molly can skip and go smoke cigarettes, but they do share a special relationship that can only be imagined by those born without a twin sister or brother. Even as the novel opens, Molly is already 9 years dead of cancer, but somehow Rebecca can still communicate with her. Rebecca isn't sure if there's a heaven or not, but if there is, she is convinced that Molly occupies a space in it, and that Molly is still protecting her, watching out for her, talking to her.

So when Rebecca begins receiving strange text messages, she doesn't believe they might be coming from some crank. Instead she believes that they could in fact be coming from her sister.

Of course who knows if there's life after death. No one (other than perhaps Jesus) has come back to give us definitive proof. Like God, life after death is a matter of faith. I know I believe that something is out there to welcome our souls when we finally pass on. What's the point of life if it is fleeting?

I believe that for twins, it might in fact be possible to communicate after one of the two has died. I believe that the souls of twins are somehow connected and shared, like a heart that can be pieced back together after it's split down the middle.

I believe that through her sister Rebecca, Molly Underhill lives on.


  1. Wow, that's an amazing concept! And I love twin books!

  2. Thought provoking post. It does seem pointless if, when we die, we cease to exist. The energy must go somewhere--the consciousness must be expanded for some reason, er, I hope.

    I look forward to reading The Remains. The story sounds intriguing.

  3. That got me hooked! I look forward to reading this novel, even with the covers over my head.