Monday, August 2, 2010

To Write or Not to Write!!!

Chips off the old Block Head!

Whenever I take my kids on vacation to the beach, I'm always reminded of the "Charlie Don't Surf" scene in Apocalypse Now. You know the one where the gung-hoe Robert Duval military character tells the famous-surfer-dude now turned reluctant Army grunt, he can either surf, or he can fight.

The same kind of thing goes though my head when I finally find time to relax. I can either chill out, or continue to work at a frantic pace. And since I write pretty much everyday when I'm not on vacation, it's tough to shift gears and not write a word. Thus the blog you are reading right now!

I do however have several projects I could be working on, not to mention my new novel. But there're also other things that I can't step away from just because I'm soaking up the sun and sand. There's the dreaded Amazon numbers which change every hour (The Remains has been a Hot New Release and a bestseller for more than a month). There's keeping up with my social networks, the emails and calls to the agent for royalty statements and payments. There's movie scout contracts to sign and galley prints to proof. On top of this, is a new digital short to put out on Kindle, plus a new DS to write for my new publisher. After that, I have no less than 36 short pieces to write for my journalism clients including three professional blogs.

Ok, so the point to all this is that the work is always there, calling my name, taunting me. But my kids will not always be here as "kids," so sometimes you just have to forget about that Amazon rating, or reviewing some stupid contract or even working on the new novel. Sometimes you have to step away from the work in order to come back to it. Sometimes you have to thank God for what matter's most.

The kids.


  1. My kids are grown and I seldom spend the time I want with them, so the time for writing will always be there, like you said. Enjoy your the precious moments with your children because they really do go grow up fast. Congratulations on your success! Perhaps while they're sleeping, you can sneak in a little work. ;-)

  2. Two very handsome boys you have!!! Enjoy them as much as you can...the time flies like the snap of your fingers. I look at my boys, now men, and wonder where the time went. It seems like it was just yesterday they were toddlers and now are 26/24.

  3. You said it all - take a break and enjoy your kids and the blessed life you have:-)

  4. Yes--enjoy the kids while you can.

  5. Ok...this is my favorite one. Your boys are hotties! I had to do that tonight. I spend time with my girls while Chris spent time with the boys. It was awful...but I did it. LOL girls V. It's a whole different world.