Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Overnight Success Story

"Wow, one spooky house in the woods!"

I've been getting a lot of congratulatory pats on the back as of late now that my newest thriller, The Remains, has debuted on E-Book and been included in the Amazon Top 100 Hard Boiled bestsellers everyday since (it's also showed up on Romantic Suspense a couple of times. Go figure!). But it's really my publisher people should be congratulating. Publishing a novel in electronic format far prior to the paper edition might be considered a risky business in the traditionally based New York publishing scene. But for Stone House Ink, it seemed like the only logical choice considering Kindle downloads are now outselling traditional paper six to one.

By this time next year I will have at least four novels published not only in paper but on all E-Book and in some cases, audio formats, and they will be generating a significant income for me. An income, I might add, that's a reflection of true sales, not advance money. Now that's a responsible publishing model I can live with.

It's awesome seeing your book ascend a bestseller list. Some people might even look at you and call you an "overnight success." But this overnight success took about 12 years worth of overnights to happen. It does however, represent the beginning of a "rekindled" relationship with the new model commercial publishing world.

For more on my feelings about the new E-Book based publishing model, check out this brand new interview. And at the same time, maybe grab up a download of The Remains


  1. This IS good news, and something to aspire to. Congrats, kiddo!


  2. Congratulations!! You deserve this great news and more importantly, the recognition for being the great author that you are. Your #1 fan...ok maybe #2.

  3. Hi, Vince, An inspiring story, indeed. And I'm proud to be a proud owner of an E-pub copy of The Remains!