Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Remains E-Book Experiment!!!

It's becoming more and more the case these days that E-Book publication....and I mean everything from Kindle to the new Apple preceding the actual paper publication by up to half a year. That used to be unheard of, especially in the major New York City publishing world. But my new traditional but indy-based publisher, Stone House, has just brought out my new thriller, The Remains, on Kindle and this week they will make it available on every E-Book known to man and Artificial Intelligence. This is happening 4 to 5 months prior to the paper release!

I'm excited about the possibilities of being published in E-Book first because number one, I make more per unit sold in this format; second, I will sell something like 6 or 7 times more E-Books than paper inevitably; third, I will reach a far wider audience; fourth, the book will remain in "print" forever; fifth, E-Book sales will encourage paper sales down the road, especially when reviews start coming out next month.

Thus far the Kindle E-Book has done great right out of the gate, having broken into the top ten thousand on Amazon yesterday afternoon. The publisher expects it to do far better later this week when, on Thursday July 1, they organize a global "Push." On that same day, a virtual tour for the E-Book will also begin. It will be accompanied by guest blog posts, a very cool trailer teaser, and of course, numerous reviews. Good or bad, they will all serve to promote The Remains and make hopefully make it a bestseller.

And here's a note of special interest: this will be my virtual publicist's first ever virtual tour for an E-Book!!!! How's that for a paradox born out of cyberspace.

The commercial publishing world is changing faster than some can keep up. But with Kindles and other reading devices predicted to be priced less than a $100 by X-Mas, you get a real clear sense of where the reading world is headed!

To download a Kindle and or pre-order your copy of The Remains, click here!

To get a look at the trailer teaser, click here!


  1. Good luck with your book. Just wondering who did the cover art work? It looks really good!

  2. Hey Robert....I'm not sure who designs for StoneHouse or their new imprint to come, StoneGate, but they do awesome work, I agree...:)

  3. Interesting info - and I agree fully. The commercial publishing world is changing - and changing fast! KIndle and other reading devices are the wave of the future. Btw, congratulations on your book and I'm sure it will be quite successful...