Monday, June 7, 2010

Permanence to be Re-Released on Amazon this Summer!!

PW announced this morning a near 300% increase in e-book sales for the past three months. Also a rise in Trade Paperbacks. My new publisher(s) are now publishing me in both formats so I'm a happy camper. I guess the future of publishing is here now. Just this morning, I took the leap into "indy" Book publishing and sent my first, now OOP, novel, Permanence, (originally published by NPI, 1995) to a pro who will format it for me in HTML and make it available as an E-Book on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, you name it. It will be my first attempt at self-publishing an OOP book and I'm pretty excited about it. With the publication of The Remains by Stone House and Moonlight Falls by R.J. Buckley, Permanence will ensure that I will now be making money on three books...Forever! Hopefully Dell Publishing will soon release the E rights to my noir novels, As Catch Can, and, Godchild, so that they can be resurrected and brought to the market also.

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