Thursday, June 3, 2010

ITW Announces The Remains!!!

The ITW's Big Thrill is kind enough to make an announcement for the E-Book version of The Remains, which should be out later this month. The Trade Paper will follow in the late Fall. But you can Pre-Order First Editions now.

And here's something that doesn't happen everyday in the publishing world. My newest publisher, Stone House Ink, a house better known for its Christian fiction, is going to expand their line to publish me and my noir. And I mean, all of my noir, back-list and all. The name of the new imprint? Stone Noir! Has a pretty good ring to it doesn't it? When does truth become stranger than fiction? When a house that publishes some notable Christian bestsellers and some very cool thrillers is going out on a limb to publish my noir, and willing to do so for a very long time. Hat's off to Aaron Patterson, the publisher... Thanks for believing in me when a lot of publishers would rather count their pennies.

Like the song goes, the times they are a changin'....