Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kindles Outsell Print Books!!!

"My what a big Kindle, Vincent!"

Indy God JA Konrath is back at it with some pretty important words about authors not necessarily needing a platform in order to sell their indy published Kindles. I might be traditionally published in an Indy world, but my Moonlight Falls Kindle is far outselling the print version, and is now a cranking on Amazon, having dipped down at one point today to near the 1,000 mark. Yeah for me, but yeah for my publisher also. Noir lives despite the fact that I hadn't much of a platform upon making my re-entry into the publishing world. But now that I'm here and the novel is making huge waves, and gathering up some awesome reviews, I'll be anxious to see just how well my next novel The Remains does when it comes out in E-Book in a few weeks (and later in Trade Paper).


  1. WTG !!! "Moonlight Falls" rocks!!!

  2. I do hope this doesn't mean the end of print altogether. I much prefer books on paper. You don't have to worry about running out of battery power in the middle of a great scene, or if you drop your PRINT book, unless it's in the water or too close to a camp fire or fire place, you can pick your book up and continue. Dropping a Kindle could prove to be mighty expensive.

    There is a good side to kindles, I know. For long rides, you don't have to drag three or four bulky books. Just load your kindle and you're good to go. Still, I'm an old fashioned girl. Give me a 'page turner'.