Monday, May 17, 2010

The Future of Book Publishing. Or, The Bomb That Truly Went Off in Times Square!

For anyone believing that the future of book publishing and publicity doesn't reside online might want to take a look at this "It's Monday" entry from the CMash Loves to Read book review blog. Just a casual mention that Moonlight Falls will be next on her list to read generated a bunch of responses from other reviewers who either read it or liked it, or who have it on their lists to review. One reviewer commented that it's been popping up all over the "blogosphere" lately. Why? Because the novel rocks. The majors could have had this one, but thank God it went to an Indy publishing house. Otherwise, it would be dead in the water, the books returned, my rights tied up for another decade. As if stands now, MF is just hitting its stride and will continue to do so when my newest novel, The Remains, is released as an E-Book in a few weeks. Thanks Indy publishing, you've rescued Vincent Zandri from the ashes of what used to be Times Square...And did I mention the movie interest????

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  1. Loving Moonlight Falls so far! And I do have to love my Kindle too... 34 books of varying lengths in one simple device.

    Indy is the way to go. I have bought only two mainstream books in the last eighteen months, since I commonly buy around 100/200 books a year this is quite significant.

    As to the movie interest, comes as no surprise, your prose has a filmic quality to it, but can Hollywood (suffering from mainstream-itis and ill-considered re-makes) come up with the goods and do it justice?