Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can We Win in Afghanistan?

Is our adventure in Afghanistan becoming more dangerous? This month we've seen 25 American servicemen killed and/or more maimed and Halloween is still two weeks away. The escalation in violent death is causing the Obama administration to reconsider its role in the area, despite the fact that the Taliban is growing stronger. Next year we'll be in the region as long as the Russians were during their failed, 1979-1988 Soviet-Afghan War, which lasted 9 miserable years. Back then, we referred to that war as the Soviet Vietnam, which reminds me of that famous quote about leaders not remembering the mistakes of the past being doomed to repeat them. Can we win in Afghanistan? And if so, what constitutes a win? Will the Taliban ever raise their white flags from out of their caves? Are we ever going to find the gigantic Osama Bin Laden? Lots of questions, but no real answers.


  1. The war in Afghanistan cannot be won using our current Rules of Engagement (ROE). The politicians of Washington DC will continue to dictate the ruinous policy of "save the civilians" and in so doing our young men will continue to die for no reason. Our troops should be withdrawn forthwith. It does not matter what happens in Afghanistan. It is one of the backwaters of the planet, their government is corrupt (very like ours), and no force in history has ever won a war against them - pull out immediately.

  2. What constitutes a win is declaring victory and getting out. Just like we did in Viet Nam. Sooner the better.
    Barbara Vink