Monday, October 19, 2009

BO Knows Pot!

BO knows pot.
That's not a knock, but let's face it, he ain't even hit 50. He's likes to smoke cigs, drink some beers, play cards, shoot hoops. He's got a hot wife who looks like she could be a "player" (no dis intended to the first lady), so I'm sure he's smoked a little pot in his day, maybe while kickin' the hackie sack with some buds in the college common. What some more conservative paranoid people will no doubt view as BO's decision to have the feds lay off medicinal pot smokers as the first step towards a heroin addicted nation, is actually a progressive move to be applauded by the new president. Anyone close to anyone who suffers or has suffered from cancer knows that anything that can lighten the pain burden is a Godsend. Maybe Afghanistan is a mess and people are still being blown to smithereens in Iraq, but when it comes to going up in smoke, BO has made the right decision. GO BO!

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