Saturday, October 10, 2009

BO Knows Peace?

Handy work of the animals the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate must Deal with...peacefully?

Oslo-The Norwegian Nobel committee has announced that President Barack Obama has been named the recipient of this year's coveted Nobel Peace Prize. Not surprisingly, news of the committee's choice has sent shock waves throughout Washington, DC and the world. It's also left most people scratching their heads wondering if Obama, only 9 months into his presidency, is yet qualified to receive the honor. While his willingness to negotiate with international leaders on matters ranging from missile defense shields, to Guantanamo Bay, to climate change already far outshines George Bush Jr., the results of his efforts have yet to be realized. But he does get an A+ for trying so hard. But a Nobel? What this blog needs to ask however, is this: now that he's been bestowed the top peace prize in the world, how will Barack feel about doing some serious Van Damage on the Taliban and Al Qaeda? What about those pesky Iranians bent on destroying Israel before setting their sights on world domination? What about North Korea? Our advice for BO? Graciously accept your prize, then shove it in the closet for the next 3 years. You're going to have to make some tough heartbreaking decisions regarding the violent destruction of key enemy targets and even more tough decisions about sending more of America's youth into combat. The free world will depend upon these often not so peaceful-like decisions. BO must know peace, but BO also must know how to kick ass.


  1. Definitely Mr. Obama has his work cut out for him in the following years. Peace

  2. it is not the Prize that makes a man better, but a man should make an image of the Prize.

    imho, a man who will annul "peacekeeping troops" will really deserve this Prize.

  3. While agreeing with the intent of your well written commentary, I disagree on BHO entirely. The man is a narcissistic charlatan who cannot make a decision about anything. He is the third sitting President to be awarded the Nobel. The other two were Totalitarian Progressive Socialists also - Political agenda perhaps?
    If he actually finishes his first term as President, the Republic is doomed.