Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BO Knows Health Care Propaganda?

Pelosi, Tenacious House Speaker

Is BO's White House using propaganda as a means for getting the average Jane and Joe to side with comprehensive health care reform? Apparently the Dept. of Health and Human Services website now features a button where you can "state your support" for the radical health care bill. Is the move legal? Not by a long shot. Or so says bill supporter Nancy Pelosi. It was only back in 2005 that the House Speaker decried such "underhanded tactics...not worthy of our democracy."

Goebels, evil master of propaganda

After all, how did the Nazi's get the German public all lathered up into a frenzy so heated, they viewed world domination a German obligation? Propaganda! So what will it be Nancy and BO? Are we obligated to press that button? Or do we choose not to be swayed by our government?


  1. Which one is Goebels? Did you get the photos mixed up or are they sharing genes?

    This administration is the single biggest threat to democracy since the concept of politically correct.

  2. Um, Okies.

    I don't think this is that big of a deal. The presidency was defined a the "bully pulpit" by TR, a man who didn't take any shit from the opposition (and was extremely progressive, even by today's standards). Andrew Jackson cetainly used the power of the presidency to his advantage and was perhaps the most autocratic of our presidents (until Cheney, anyway).

    I don't think we should get our panties in a big twist over this. After all, the billions Bush spent on the so-called "faith-based" initiatives (just one example of the former administration propagandizing) pales in comparison. And then there were all those politically-timed terror warnings.

    I could go on if you'd like.

  3. For once in their pitaful lives, why don't they spell it out for the layman and cut all the BS. I am sick and tired of the junk that comes out of Washington. One time, "Do your job for the people that hired you."