Friday, October 30, 2009

1,990 Pages of The Doctor Can't See you Now

"I want you to scream 'Health Care!' for me later. Really, scream it, baby!"

Nancy Pelosi's new 1,990 page health care bill weighs far more than most of the sick newborn to five year old's who are going to have to wait in a big long line with their parents to receive health care. Who the hell is really going to read it much less grasp its nuances, numerous caveats, rules, stipulations, calculations and whatever the hell else it contains? If I were a law maker I'd just fake it and say, "Oh yeah, I read the whole thing, cover the cover." In any case, I know this sounds like I'm not supporting socialized health care (which a freelance writer most definitely should do!), but then I'm not in bed with the rip off insurance companies either. I'm just me: suspect of both the government and the big business companies telling me what health care I can receive and can't. BTW: do you think the bill will cover another one of Nancy's tummy tucks?

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  1. The biggest complaint about the the National Health Service in the UK is that parliament doesn't spend enough money on it.