Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three Hearts Beat as One

L and I talked a bit tonight...Correction, we've talked a lot since the first blog post a few days ago. It seems to have created a bit of a stir. From Mexico to NYC to Los Angeles to Bulgaria and in between, the reactions poured in. Okay, trickled in, but it’s still pretty cool how this blog-thingy works.

Instant gratification.

Said reactions and commentary culminated with a call to me from L while I was grabbing a beer at a favorite dive after a Blisterz rehearsal.

"" she demanded.

"You gotta ask?" I said about the clamor. “Helloooo?”

I'd been snagged, fair and double square.

The truth: a mutual friend had alerted L to what was happening via a Facebook message. Thank God for Facebook. “Oh my,” is how said mutual friend put it.

Oh my, indeed.

But L was and is, in a word, cool about it.

L is into it!

For once, we are in total agreement. My guess is that she is looking for a way to get me back. Which is nice, but I'm not that easy. Okay, yes I am... and I'm a big fat liar. I'm not sure she wants me back. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Although I would never admit to this in public. Or maybe I just did.

But L did bring up a startling suggestion.

Perhaps we should write a book together... about love and heartbreak and reunion. I think it should be a crime novel. Our split…It was a crime.

Oh, and have I mentioned L invited me over to her house last night?

But only to talk...

To talk, damnit!

No Bootie calls!!!

We talked.

I wanted more.

I always want more.

She was wearing a sheer blouse and low cut sweat pants...Hang-out-who-care clothes.

She looked ravishing.

She sat on her bed. I lay beside her. We were breathing in and exhaling our combined air, stirring to mutual heartbeats.

Moments later, I listened to the sound of my daughter's breathing through her bedroom door. I sensed her heart pumping blood through veins and capillaries. An integrated network of life. A body of cells, blood and oxygen. A body that is as much my own as it is L's.

Moments after that, I left, wondering how long my heart has to beat...Without L...Without our baby.

I wonder still.

(To be continued...)

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